COVID-19 Experiments for Children

A community project by Ednovation & our preschools

How to keep your child safe from COVID-19

It is impossible for parents to keep their children at home for a long time. Hence, it is paramount to inculcate in them good hygiene habits to keep them safe.

Telling young children not to touch their face or to wash hands frequently may not change their behaviour.

For young children to understand and internalise the “why” behind these instructions, there is no better way than for them to do experiments and observe the effects.

As a pioneer in pre-school curriculum development in Singapore, we would like to share these fun and easy-to-do experiments that parents can carry out at home with their children to help them understand the “why”.

Doing these experiments will also be an opportunity for children to learn life science, critical thinking skills, empathy and more.

Let’s work together to keep our loved ones safe!

Lesson 1: What Is COVID-19?

Ever wondered how the COVID-19 virus looks like? In this lesson, we learn what the COVID-19 virus is and make a model of it.


Lesson 2: How is COVID-19 Detected?

How would we know if someone has COVID-19? In this lesson, we find out how viruses are different and how they are detected.


Lesson 3: How Does COVID-19 Spread?

COVID-19 can spread very quickly if we are not careful. Learn how it spreads through 2 experiments using pom poms and hand cream.


Lesson 4: What Is Incubation Period?

Ever heard of the term incubation period? Learn about the incubation period for COVID-19 and do an experiment to see how long it takes for germs to grow.


Lesson 5: What Is Contact Tracing and Isolation?

Just what does contact tracing mean and how does it help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Let’s be COVID-19 investigators in this lesson!


Lesson 6: What Is Exponential Growth?

We need to stop the exponential growth of COVID-19. Learn what exponential growth means and do a diagram to show the exponential growth of COVID-19.


Lesson 7: Why Do You Have a Fever?

Temperature checks have become part of our daily lives now. What does a fever tell us? Learn about it in this lesson.


Lesson 8: Does Soap Kill Viruses?

Why do we need to wash our hands regularly and how effective is soap? Find out in this lesson and do an experiment to see how soap removes germs.


Lesson 9: How Do You Manage Your Feelings About COVID-19?

Does hearing about COVID-19 make you feel worried or afraid? This lesson focuses on working through our feelings about COVID-19 as we salute and pay tribute to our brave healthcare professionals.


Lesson 10: How Can You Be Socially Responsible?

What can we do to fight COVID-19? Learn about social responsibility and find out how we can play an active role in fighting this virus together.


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