Kids imagine the future – The Straits Times

LATEST NEWS: Featured in The Straits Times’ ‘Kids imagine the future – with a little help from AI’

The children from one of our pre-schools imagined the future with a little help from AI. They used their creativity and the generative AI tool DALL.E to express their vision of Singapore in the future. Their works of art were featured in The Straits Times article today.

Generative AI is designed to create new content such as images and text based on the data it is trained on. Ednovation taps on these tools and the latest technology to innovate education for pre-schoolers. We just rolled out EdGPT, an age-appropriate chatbot with voice activation for young children. Try it out at!

Schoolkids get to grips with AI – The Straits Times

LATEST NEWS: Ednovation Launches EdGPT – The World’s First Generative AI for Children.

We are excited to announce Ednovation has customised a version of ChatGPT for young children to use. This child-friendly version, named EdGPT, incorporates speech input and output, and presents age-specific content. We welcome you to visit to try it out with your child for a first-hand experience and discover the capabilities of this new AI tool.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undergone a revolution in the past 12 months, especially in Generative AI. We believe in harnessing the power of AI and emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning as children will be using Generative AI, along with even more sophisticated AI applications, when they enter the workforce. EdGPT is made available to the public. As AI and technology advance further, we will continue to stay at the forefront to tapping its capabilities and prepare our team, parents and children for the AI future.

The Straits Times visited one of our pre-schools to learn more and see the children interacting with EdGPT. Check out their video report on “Schoolkids get to grips with AI”!

Tomorrow Transformed – CNN International

LATEST NEWS: Highlighted Ednovation’s foresight to prepare the next generation for the world of AI.

Thirty years ago, Ednovation was pioneering computer labs in kindergartens. Now, Ednovation has moved with the times and are empowering children as young as 4 years old with the language of AI.

Watch CNN International’s “Tomorrow Transformed” featuring ChildFirst Pre-school for our innovative use of AI in education (feature starts at the 2:58 mark).